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Bella Cox

public worship

kiss me on the train amongst strangers don't flinch  my rosary fingers circling your neck  counting your pulse  woman x woman  let them watch this hallelujah rhythm  let them stare  lift the lip of your skirt  your hips my call to prayer  part your legs watch me kneel  i have waited for this anointing  let them judge let them fuss let them squeeze eyes shut  disgust  we are teaching psalm spasms and hymns  this quivering thrum  our public communion  let me savour your manna here  bless me with your song  let it fill the whole carriage-church  this yin and yin symphony  goddess x goddess  praying in tongues   let them hear you hum  they do not believe us holy  calling out blasphemy  we are coming unstuck  split up by transport police  neon yellow  oh let us wail  hard brows just one more song  let them threaten with prison  let them name us sinful women  this is homecoming heaven  i will pay the sentence for public satiation  if only to savour again the music  your elated confession


Bella Cox is an international performance poet, vocalist, writer and workshop facilitator now based in London. Her work often touches on topics such as gender and sexual identity, relationships and their consequences and the notion of belonging in an overtly politicised world. She is consistently developing her craft as a member of five esteemed UK poetry collectives including Barbican Young Poets and Roundhouse Poetry Collective.

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Having performed in and around South Africa from early 2014, Bella won the title of Queen of the Mic for Word n Sound 2016-17, Africa's largest spoken word platform. In 2016, she gave her first TEDx talk and performance in Pretoria on the necessity of self-reflection through poetry. She now produces and hosts two monthly open mic nights; Speak= from London Queer Writers, and Pen Ting, competes in various slams and was a quarter-finalist for Hammer & Tongue's National Slam at The Royal Albert Hall in January 2018.


Follow Bella on:

Facebook: @Bella Cox Performer

Twitter: @BellaCox19

Instagram: @BellaCox19

YouTube: /BellaX19

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