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Sheena Patel

An informal ode / in english / to the two faces of your mouth 

Part I

In your mouth 

I find

lush green valleys    

and heady mountain tops

where perilous cliff ledges 

meet soft snowy drifts 

I find 

deep, cool rock pools

filled with creeping starfish 

and feel the violent ocean surf

tangle the octopus 

I find 

whistling caves 

of swirling bats

where amongst 

the beat

of leathery wings

we paint


on the walls

Part II

I ate the pomegranate seeds 

and I sank underground 

to be with you.

I see now,

you hoard

the hearts

of others

taking them

with you

into this dark,

careful to

promise nothing 

I see the bones

of my predecessors 


over doors


decorating the walls

pitifully pulsing with life




you suck 

out of the air 

all the words

I ever said,

to sustain 

only you. 


are a coward.

At your feet 

I spit the 

bitter seeds 

I've rolled 



my tongue 

I want the light

and the 

brave sun 

on my face

and my skeleton

in my body, 


Sheena Patel is a member of 4 BROWN GIRLS WHO WRITE. She is interested in exploring the strength in vulnerability and the female perspective in myths.

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